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  • Lana Grossa FILATI No. 48 (Herbst/Winter 2014/15) - German edition
  • Lana Grossa Big & Easy Folder No. 4 - German edition
  • Lana Grossa CAPPELLO Folder - German edition
  • Lana Grossa FILATI INFANTI Issue 6
  • Lana Grossa FILATI Accessoires No. 13 - German Edition
  • Lana Grossa LINEA PURA Issue 3
  • Lana Grossa Design Special No. 2 - German Edition
  • Lana Grossa FILATI Handknitting Issue 33
  • Lana Grossa FILATI Trachten No. 4 - German edition
  • Lana Grossa RAGAZZA Issue 2
  • Lana Grossa FILATI Pocket Issue 3
  • Lana Grossa FILATI Handstrick No. 57 - German Edition
Top Model Packages
  • Lana Grossa KIMONO SWEATER - Secondo Big/Groove
  • Lana Grossa PATCHWORK-PLAID Oro/Inside
  • Lana Grossa MEN
  • Lana Grossa PATTERN MIX JACKET Classico
  • Lana Grossa HAT Olympia Classic
  • Lana Grossa TEXTURED SWEATER Groove
  • Lana Grossa CROCHET BAG WITH FRINGE Paradiso/Bicolore
  • Lana Grossa VEST Olympia Classic
  • Lana Grossa LOOP Olympia Piano/Classic
  • Lana Grossa MEN
  • Lana Grossa TEE IN LACE PATTERN - Secondo Big

 How works the course of an order?
You can order Lana Grossa yarns, models as package (color table, original buttons, ...), Filati Magazines, Outlet (Lana Grossa quality at outlet price!), Union Buttons, Lana Grossa Needles and much more online.
Choose the item clicking the button “add to shopping cart”. As soon as you have all items in the cart continue in clicking “further on to data entry” to feed on your contact data and preferred method of payment. Then your data will be listed again for a control.
Continue with “submit order” to close the order proceeding. Immediately you will get an mail with the exact details of your order.

Voucher: The voucher will be transferred in the form of an email voucher code and is to be honoured with the next order under “check & order”.

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